January 5, 2018

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of people; many more will be diagnosed this year. This condition must be taken seriously because it can lead to many additional health problems. These conditions can have far-reaching impacts on patient health and can lead to progressively severe symptoms. Managing it now is a good way to stay ahead of problems that could develop in the future. Furthermore, treating this condition can help patients enjoy better, more restful sleep. They can wake up feeling rejuvenated instead of run down. Partners disturbed by snoring can also enjoy a better night’s rest.

Help From Your Local Dentist

Dr. Genninger is a dentist who provides sleep apnea treatment in Tampa, FL. Taking steps to manage it now will help prevent the development of potentially serious conditions. Sleep apnea is associated with the increased risk of:

  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke

Conditions like these can have far-reaching consequences for patients. Preventing their development is a good idea; you can enjoy better health for much longer without conditions like high blood pressure. Even though the precise mechanism linking sleep apnea with these other conditions is still currently unknown, new research is emerging all the time that helps patients take better control of their health. We want to help you feel more in control of your well-being and so we offer valuable treatment solutions.

Speak with a Dentist Is the First Step

If you or someone you know suffers from restless nights, excessive daytime sleepiness, frequently interrupted sleep, or heavy snoring then getting answers from a qualified source is very important. Dr. Genninger has helped patients successfully manage obstructive sleep apnea and he can help you, too. Get the answers you deserve by contacting us and scheduling your appointment today.



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