June 21, 2016

When suffering from sleep apnea, a dentist can recommend a number of treatment options depending on the severity of your case. A very effective method is referred to as CPAP. Make sure to talk about your condition to your dentist to get a professional opinion.

What Is CPAP?

CPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure.” It works by placing a mask over the patient’s nose or the nose and the mouth. This mask is connected to the tube, which itself is attached to a machine that gently blows air into the patient’s system. This is a huge benefit to people who suffer from sleep apnea because the condition creates pauses in someone’s breathing. This makes it a highly efficient treatment.

When Is CPAP Most Recommended?

Everyone is different, and CPAP therapy is generally recommended when someone is suffering from a severe case of sleep apnea. For more mild conditions, lifestyle changes can be made or an oral device can be prescribed. In order for CPAP to work, the patient is going to need a mask that fits perfectly over the face. There are generic options available, but for the best results, your dentist will prescribe something that is going to fit comfortably.

The Benefits of CPAP

 Numerous benefits stand to be gained by going through CPAP treatment.  Talk to your dentist to go into more details about these advantages. Some of these include:

  • Preventing or lowering high blood pressure
  • Stopping snoring so that everyone can sleep easier
  • Relieving symptoms associated with sleeping disorders, including daytime fatigue
  • Improving overall quality of sleep

Call Us to Get a Sleep Test

 To help you get a better night’s rest with CPAP in Orlando, FL, schedule an appointment at Southpark Dental Group with Dr. John F. Cervenka and his team will assist you in any way possible. Schedule your appointment by calling the office at 407-248-0100, and before you know it, you will be sleeping sound once again.



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