October 26, 2016

Sometimes when sleeping, children and adults will have pauses in their breathing, or take shallow breaths. These pauses can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. They may also happen more than 30 times in one hour. When the breathing restarts, it is typically with a snort or choking sound. This condition is called sleep apnea, and left untreated, can be dangerous for your overall health.

Mood Concerns

Those with sleep apnea rarely feel rested, even after a full night’s sleep. This can lead to abrupt changes in mood, irritability, cognitive dysfunction and problems in personal and professional relationships. Oftentimes, they may not even realize that they have sleep apnea and may wonder why they are so tired and irritable during the day. This leads to a lower quality of life and may even cause anxiety and depression.

Chronic Disease

Sleep apnea is a chronic disease that can seriously affect your general health, similar to diabetes and high blood pressure. Those with sleep apnea are at an increased risk for developing cardiovascular events and heart disease, and as they age, the risks get even higher. Treating sleep apnea ensures that the heart and body are healthy and safe.

Low Oxygen

When you don’t get enough oxygen during sleep, the body can’t supply the correct amounts to other vital organs. This can lead to tiredness during the day and eventually chronic lung or heart disease.

Without treatment, sleep apnea can also lead to clogging and inflammation in the arteries, both of which contribute to heart disease.

Improve Your Quality of Life

If you wake up several times in the night, snore heavily, and feel tired and irritated even after a long night’s sleep, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Treatment for sleep apnea is simple once the condition is diagnosed. Contact a doctor at Waterside Dental in Sarasota to learn more about this condition and your treatment options.



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