November 30, 2015

In ode to TMJ month, Dr. Roman Shlafer, DDS, would like to inform you about the dangers of TMJ. This condition affects millions of people each year. Although many people live with the condition unawares, it can cause severe distress and injury if it remains untreated.

What is TMJ?

The joint that connects your jawbone to your skull is the temporomandibular. When this joint malfunctions as the result of injury or damage to your teeth or jaw, it can cause a variety of symptoms that may compromise your ability to eat, sleep, speak and function normally.

Common TMJ symptoms include:

  • Pain in the muscles surrounding the jaw area
  • Throbbing pain in and around ear
  • Discomfort and trouble chewing and eating food
  • Facial pain
  • Locking or great difficulty when moving, opening and closing jaw
  • Clicking or popping sound when opening and closing jaw

People who are suffering from TMJ symptoms are advised to avoid chewing gum as it can aggravate the condition and lead to greater discomfort. They should also avoid stressful situations as well.

TMJ Treatment

Mild cases of TMJ can often be treated with home remedies, such as ice compresses to the joint, the use of anti-inflammatory pain relievers, massage, and a reduction in stress. If home remedies are not effective at alleviating the discomfort, then it is necessary to see a general dentist in Farmington, MI.

To improve one’s condition, it may be necessary to resort to the use of dental splints to help correct jaw alignment. In severe cases, oral surgery may be the only way to bring the jaw bone back into proper positioning to restore normal movement and function.

TMJ is not a life-threatening condition, but it is one that can cause great discomfort. If you suspect that you have TMJ, do not put off getting a proper diagnosis or treatment. Contact The Office of Dr. Roman Shlafer at (248) 918-4205 for an appointment.



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