4 Accessible Options for Treating Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms

July 26, 2017

Sleep apnea is a very common condition that causes pauses in breathing accompanied by heavy snoring. These symptoms may make people wake up several times per hour and lead to disruptive sleep, decreased mental functioning and an increased risk for health complications like heart disease and diabetes. Fortunately, there are several things you can do […]

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Ways Sleep Apnea Can Affect Your Health

June 9, 2017

Do you snore at night? Are you especially sleepy during the day? These are a few signs you may have sleep apnea, a serious health disorder that can affect much more than your sleep. Although it can occur in anyone, it happens most often in men. June 11-18 is National Men’s Health week, so this […]

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Could Sleep Apnea Be the Culprit Behind Your Energy Loss and Brain Fog?

February 23, 2017

Have you felt unusually tired lately, no matter how much sleep you get at night? Or, are you affected by “brain fog” and have a difficult time concentrating? If so, sleep apnea may be the culprit behind your symptoms. This common condition can keep you from getting quality sleep at night, so you feel exhausted […]

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Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

January 30, 2017

If you are having difficulty sleeping, or are finding yourself constantly fatigued throughout the day, who should you call? You would probably be surprised to hear that the best source of assistance may be your dentist. But why? Recently there has been an increased awareness on a well-known yet often poorly understood sleep disorder known […]

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How to Stop Snoring With Sleep Apnea Treatment

October 25, 2016

While snoring is fairly common, it can be a serious sign of a medical problem. Other than the fact that snoring can be annoying or frustrating when sleeping with others, it can be a bigger issue than you think. It can disturb your sleeping patterns, depriving you of the rest you need. You may also […]

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What No One Tells You About CPAP

June 21, 2016

When suffering from sleep apnea, a dentist can recommend a number of treatment options depending on the severity of your case. A very effective method is referred to as CPAP. Make sure to talk about your condition to your dentist to get a professional opinion. What Is CPAP? CPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure.” […]

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Overcoming Sleep Apnea Risk Factors

May 4, 2016

It is estimated that as many as 18 million people may be suffering from a form of sleep apnea. This group includes many different people, including some children who suffer from the affliction. With statistics like this, you might expect a cure to be readily available. In reality, many people do not even understand what […]

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Signs You Might Have Sleep Apnea

May 3, 2016

A sleep disorder that might be more common than you think, sleep apnea occurs in people who stop breathing for brief interims during their sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea is the form of the condition that affects the vast majority of people who suffer from apnea. Wondering if you have sleep apnea? Here are a few […]

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The Surprising Advantages of Yoga for Sleep Apnea

March 22, 2016

Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder that needs to be looked at by a professional. While various treatments are available, there is one way you can alleviate some of the symptoms: yoga. It may sound strange, but yoga has been proven to assist patients struggling with getting a good night’s rest. Even if you […]

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What You Might Not Know About Snoring

February 17, 2016

Most people never realize they snore until somebody kindly tells them. If you’ve been informed you’re a snorer, you might not worry about it until it disturbs somebody else. While it might not seem like a major health threat, snoring can be an indication that you suffer from sleep apnea, and sleep apnea can lead […]

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